PROD-IT is a Desktop app for managing and organizing time, tasks and work groups within the company environment.

By using WiFi beacons and Network Inspector, the app simplifies the process of entering working hours and offers various tools for planning, organizing tasks and team managing.

  • CLIENT Celtiberian
  • DATE 2020
  • TASKS Concept | User research | UX/UI | Mobile App | Development

The challenge.

  • Prod-It aims to address all areas of project management: team building, task descriptions, assigning a timeline, and entering dedicated hours.
  • Create a simple and intuitive interface that allows the user to manage their time on each project quickly and efficiently
  • Development of logo and iconography, selection of style and color palette and visual approach of the interface
  • Adaptation of the application to mobile
The user should have easy access to projects and be able to record their hours spent quickly.
Prod-It Laptop Screen

The solution.

Logo & branding

This logo displays a modern and simple appearance, highlighting the concept of time as the central visual element.

Porod-It Logo

We chose the aqua green color as the base of the color range that provides an element of neutrality and a technological appearance. For the background we selected a brighter green, almost white, to achieve the necessary contrast with text.

Prod-It Color Palette

Visual interface - UX/UI

The visual approach is based on basic aspects of the so-called "flat design", in search of a minimalist style in which the organization of information prevails over visual impact.


The important thing whet it comes to the Dashboard screen is to organize the information in an accessible way for the user. For this we use cards that allow us to separate and differenciate the content blocks clearly.

Prod-It Dashboard

Tables & Pop-ups

At the same time, it is necessary to use ordered tables and lists to present the different elements of each section in a way that is understandable to the user.

We avoid unnecessary screens by utilizing pop-up windows with forms, allowing the user to stay at the point of origin throughout the application.

Prod-It Tables Prod-It Pop-ups

Editable lists

Listings in tables are essential to organize the elements.

The possibility of editing the fields within the rows of the table allows the user to carry out different operations without losing the information on the screen.

Prod-It Projects Prod-It Members

Mobile App

The mobile application maintains the same visual approaches adapted to its requirements.

In order to make navigation easy for users, lists, tables, and forms, as well as simple organization of information, are important.

The user should not be more than two clicks away from the starting point. The use of dropdowns will be essential to fulfill this purpose.

Prod-It Mobile App