Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix is a task management and organization service based on the so-called "Priority Matrix".

It aims to facilitate the organization of tasks and the interaction with other team members within each project using the "7 habits of highly effective people" method, which includes the Priority Matrix and other elements such as Gant Charts, calendars and Smart lists.

  • CLIENT Priority Matrix
  • DATE 2019
  • TASKS Concept | UX/UI | Prototype | User Test
Priority Matrix

The challenge.

  • The Priority Matrix interface displays a large amount of information on the screen that needs to be organized and prioritized to facilitate the user's work.
  • We need to establish a proper content hierarchy and differentiate tasks according to their relevance
  • It is essential to maintain a clear and minimalist visual appearance
  • We need to provide visual elements that contribute to the hierarchy.
Depending on their location across the four blocks, the user can quickly establish which tasks need to be prioritised.
Priority Matrix Laptop Screen

The solution.

As part of the app's design, tasks are organized in four axes or blocks according to their importance and priority; the intensity of the blue background color on each block determines the priority of the tasks.

Visual interface - UX/UI


On the dashboard, there are four main elements: 1) the sidebar, containing user information and navigation; 2) the header, with a secondary navigation, the search bar and an area for comments, warnings and labels; 3) the four axis matrix, containing the task blocks; 4) the right sidebar, containing the information and details of the tasks.

Tasks are organized in lists; each task shows a name or description, different labels, the date of creation and the task's author.

Priority Matrix Dashboard Priority Matrix Sidebar

Priority Matrix

The Priority Matrix is ​​the most important part of the visual interface. As a result of the gradation of colors, the layout following the natural reading order, as well as the 4 quadrants method, a visual hierarchy is created to organize tasks.

The tasks are separated in lists within each color block; the space between elements, the use of color in the labels and the icons before each item help to differentiate and separate tasks.

Priority Matrix 4 Axes