AQUASAIN offers eco-friendly solutions with dedication to the environment. The AQUASAIN water softener eliminates the formation of limescale without the need for salt.

It is proposed to redesign the brand, update all its visual elements, and create a new hierarchy of content.

  • CLIENT Aquasain
  • DATE 2022
  • TASKS Logo & Branding | UX/UI | Icons & Infographics | Front-End

The challenge.

  • Provide all the information in a structured and coherent manner, so that the user can easily access it
  • Redesign visual elements to look more sophisticated and modern
  • Enhance the user experience to ensure the best assimilation of content
The essential thing about the web is to present an attractive and functional design that showcases the product's benefits and allows for clear and direct access to information.
Aquasain Laptop Screen

The solution.

Logo & branding

The logo is redesigned to make it more appealing, while retaining the corporate colors and adding more contrast.

Aquasain Logo

Visual interface - UX/UI

It is imperative that content is presented in well-organized and differentiated blocks in order to maximize user experience. To achieve this, headers, highlighted text and body text must have a correct visual hierarchy, with different font sizes according to the content relevance.

We will use white or light gray backgrounds when it comes to extensive content in order to facilitate readability.

Another essential aspect will be the use of explanatory videos and infographics that must be organized in a coherent way according to the content.

'Calls to action' are crucial in encouraging client loyalty; therefore they must stand out above the content. With that idea in mind, we choose a very striking green color that contrasts with the predominant blues and grays.


The home page serves as a product landing where we summarize and highlight the advantages and benefits of the product.

The header contains the logo and the navigation menu with submenus (because of to the breadth of content). We reserve a special place for the Purchase page button to ensure that the purchase of the product is accessible at any time

In the 'hero' or 'cover' part we show an image of the product and highlight some of its features; To give it a more attractive and dynamic look, we use a loop video with water as a background.

Below we show an explanatory video of the product that will help us better understand the product information.

We also highlight in differentiated blocks the three main advantages of the product: ecological, healthy and economical.

Aquasain Homepage

Our footer is a key element when defining the difference between a product for homes and one for businesses. A short form, allowing free download of a pdf book on softeners, also allows us to collect information from the users.

Aquasain Footer


This is the most important part of the web since what we want is to sell the product. This is where the UX work must be more accurate.

We show 3 different blocks or steps to make the purchase process more intuitive: 1) Select your unit; 2) Shipping data; 3) Form of payment.

The product type that is most commonly purchased is selected by default. We also dynamically show the final price so that the user knows exactly how much he is going to pay.

The submission form allows the user to provide all the location and billing information quickly.

The different forms of payment are highlighted on independent and visually striking cards.

Aquasain Purchase Page

Tables & tabs

To organize the content more efficiently, we have used tables, dropdowns, etc., which allow for a more structured way of assessing information and formulating comparisons.

Aquasain Tables Aquasain Tabs

Pop ups

The use of 'popups' windows is an important resource when it comes to encouraging purchase (through promotions, discounts, etc.) and retaining customers (with the use of forms).

Aquasain Pop Up


Visual resources such as videos and infographics must be used to ensure that product information reaches the user in the most straightforward way.

The videos will help us better understand the process of installing and operating the product.

Infographics and other graphic resources allow us to better understand how the product works.

Aquasain Charts