The aerial desktop app is designed for US companies to measure large crop areas, making predictions about harvests through satellite imaging and graphs.

In this case, the work required the creation of an interface that would locate areas and types of crops on a map and provide easy access to all the information about these crops.

  • CLIENT Aerial
  • DATE 2019
  • TASKS UX/UI | Icons & Infographics | Mobile App | Development

The challenge.

  • Visual interface focused in a map that shows the different cultivation areas by State and all the relevant information about the crops.
  • Creation of graphs, charts and variables, to make comparisons with other areas.
  • UX/UI for the payment & billing process to obtain a service account
The most important thing is to show all the information about the crops in graphs and tables, in order to make comparisons between different crop areas.
Aerial Laptop Screen

The solution.

The main element of the app is the map that covers the whole territory of the United States. By clicking on the different crop areas on the map, we can display the information about the crops in the sidebar.

Visual interface - UX/UI


The map occupies most of the space on screen, so the user can scroll through the different crop areas and access the information.

Navigation bar elements determine the sales strategy for the product: a button to upgrade to a pro version, a button to invite other team members and another button to share the results.

It is important to correctly delimit the crop areas through lines and colors that allow us to show their evolution over time.

Aerial Dashboard


The crop information is displayed on the left side (sidebar) when clicking on the highlighted areas of the map organized in independent cards that show aspects of the crops through tables and graphs.

Aerial Sidebar


As for the payment process, a few simple steps are established so that the user can access the product plan that suits his needs best.

Aerial Payment Screen Aerial Billing Screen


The client, in his administrator role, is able to award permissions, create workgroups for each project and invite other members.

Aerial Permissions Screen